FAQ – Frequently asked questions

When will I receive my box?

So long you order your box by 12:00 CET on the 5th day of any given month, we will deliver you your box that very month. If you place your order later (ie. from the 6th day onwards), we will most probably only deliver it the following month. The delivery can take a bit longer because we prepare each box individually and with love, as such we always try to select the best possible products specifically for you.

Do you also ship to Slovakia?

Yes, we also ship boxes to Slovakia.

What can I expect in my box?

Our boxes are always tailor-made to each customer specifically. When placing an order, you will pick what you’d like to see in your box. You can also let us surprise you and leave all choices entirely on us without writing us your preferences, but we do recommend to fill the preferences out to ensure the box is as much to your liking as possible.

Do you also make Harry Potter or Marvel boxes?

Yes, we’ve recently added Harry Potter and Marvel themed boxes to our repertoire. All you need to do is let us know you’re interested in these items when filling out your preferences.

How can I pay?

You can do a bank transfer, use your debit or credit card, or pay in cash on delivery.

What if the box doesn’t contain everything I wrote in my preferences?

It can happen that you don’t receive exactly what you wished for in our box. Certain items are limited in their amount, or perhaps they’re simply too difficult to acquire. In such cases we add an alternative item instead. We always try, however, to ensure the box makes you as happy as possible.